High speed video aids development of lean burn engine technology

Louise Smyth

Specialised Imaging reports on customer research demonstrates the utility of a SIL gated image intensifier system in improving the sensitivity, gating time and UV spectral response of a Phantom V high-speed video camera looking at fuel combustion in a test cell.

In lean-burn internal combustion engines the air:fuel ratio may be as lean as 65:1 (by mass) compared to the  standard  engine combustion ratio c. 15:1. The excess of air in a lean-burn engine combusts more of the fuel, emits fewer hydrocarbons and can also be used to reduce losses caused by other engine power management systems such as throttling losses.

The SIL-2 family of high performance, gated image intensifier systems from Specialised Imaging are designed to improve the sensitivity, gating time and spectral response and scope of operation of both high-speed video and ultra-high-speed framing cameras.Comprehensive triggering facilities and a comprehensive programmable timing range allow the SIL-2 to be readily interfaced to most any manufacturer's high-speed cameras, and in particular to high-speed video systems. Constructed around high gain MCP intensifiers these units provide an unmatched range of sensitivity, gain and resolution options to satisfy even the most demanding low light imaging applications. Incorporating a quartz input window enables the SIL-2 to capture events that emit radiation at the shorter wavelengths of the UV region right through to the Near Infrared.


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