High-speed electric motor offers high energy-efficiency

Paul Boughton

Maxon Motor is launching an electrically commutated motor that the company says promises to push the accepted limits of commercial technology for both efficiency and performance. Maxon designed the EC 25 High Speed motor to produce the highest possible speed for a motor of its size with virtually no vibration - and, in doing so, achieved over 93 per cent efficiency.

With an ever-increasing focus on electric motors as the world's biggest consumers of electricity, Maxon says the EC 25 sets a new benchmark in energy efficiency for off-the-shelf technology.

Furthermore, despite its small size of just 25mm in diameter, the brushless motor runs at speeds of well over 60,000rpm with almost no vibration, and delivers 42.2mNm of torque at a speed/torque gradient of 44.0rpm/mNm.

This high speed and size-to-power ratio means the EC 25 could create new possibilities in precise, spindle-driven applications requiring extreme performance in a tiny space, but with absolute stability - such as in medical instruments and surgical power tools, or the machine tools used in the manufacture of optical lenses.

This combination is maintained by means of preloaded ball bearings, high-precision balancing and a two-pole neodymium permanent magnet. The stranded wire winding and the magnetic return help the EC 25 pack extra punch, making the most of its 250W output to deliver exceptional performance.

Maxon Motor UK chief executive Angelo Guttoriello explains: "The levels of speed and efficiency achieved by the EC 25 are rarely seen, even in custom-built motors. As an off-the-shelf piece, it is truly remarkable. With each new addition to the EC range, we seem to push the limits a little more. The EC 25 is no exception!"

If required, the EC 25 can also be customised to meet the users' individual requirements.

For more information, visit www.maxonmotor.co.uk

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