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Paul Boughton

JUKI, a provider of automated assembly products and systems, will highlight its latest line-up of  new and tried and tested Chipshooters, at the upcoming SMT/HYBRID/PACKAGING 2010, scheduled to take place June 8th-10th, 2010 at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg in Nürnberg, Germany.

The JUKI product portfolio serves the entire range of customer demands from entry level (Flexlinelight – best price) to advanced production level (Flexlinepremium – premium flexibility) up to the high speed production level (Flexlinevelocity – flexible high-speed).

Appearing for the first time in Europe, the FX-2 High-speed Chip Shooter is JUKI’s latest high-speed modular mounter with production capacity increased by 20 per cent over previous models, improved economical efficiency, operations and reliability.

The FX-2 supports the centreing and placement of components from 01005 to 33.5 mm square. Efficient, high-speed production lines can be created by connecting a high speed FX-3 or general purpose mounter such as the KE-2080.

The FX-2 uses the same nozzles, feeders and production data as other JUKI mounters, providing better use of assets and simpler operations on the production floor. Further products at the 2010 event will include:

The highly popular FX-3 High-speed Chip Shooter from the JUKI Flexlinevelocity line, rated at 60,000 CPH, will be shown in a line with the brand new KE-3020 High-speed Flexible Mounter from the JUKI Flexlinepremium line.

The line will demonstrate minimum footprint and maximum flexibility by being able to place parts ranging from a 01005 chip to a 50mm x 150 mm connector.

The FX-3 marked the entrance of JUKI into ultra-high-speed assembly lines and introduced JUKI’s standards for high quality, reliability and cost of ownership. The modular FX-3 fits seamlessly into JUKI’s portfolio of products and adds its powerful optimization software and quick-change feeder banks to set the standard for electronics manufacturing uptime. 

 The new KE-3020 High-speed Flexible Mounter represents the perfect match for the FX-3 High Speed Chip Shooter. The KE-3020 is equipped with the new LNC-60 high-resolution 360° component laser centering system featuring 6 nozzles plus a separate high resolution vision head with one nozzle. With an IPC rated placement speed of 17,100 cph it can place components from 01005 to 74mm square or 50 x 150mm and a height up to 25mm. The KE-3020 has 80 slots for 8mm tape feeders and a placement accuracy of ± 30 µm (3 sigma) with vision centering and ± 50 µm with laser alignment. Both the KE-3020 and FX-3 are the fist JUKI mounters featuring the possibility for the brand new JUKI Electrical Tape feeders (ETF). The KE-3020 offers 80 feeders spaces for 8mm tape feeders..

Electrical Tape feeders (ETF) - JUKI’s new motor driven electric feeder can feed sensitively for ultra small components, steadily and fast. ETF feeders enable faster component feeding and automatic pitch adjustment which results in higher production capacity. With the electric feeder there is no need to stop the machine when replenishing components using the splicing function. This drastically reduces down time, allowing components to be easily replenished at any time.

 will also showcase its entry-level KE-2060light High-speed Flexible Mounter from the from the JUKI Flexlinelight line. The machine will now feature the placement of components up to 20 mm height in its standard configuration plus an optional upgrade for large board size (510 x 360 mm).  Providing best price performance and highest proven reliability in its class, the KE-2060light features a quadruple head with laser alignment or one high-precision placement head with vision and laser alignment. With an IPC rated placement range of 12,500 cph laser alignment and 1,750 cph vision centering, its component range spans 0201, 75mm x 75mm to 50 x 150mm – up to 12mm in height.  The KE-2060 Light also offers a placement accuracy of ± 30 µm (3 sigma) with vision centering and ± 50 µm with laser alignment.  The system also offers options such as exchangeable feeder trolleys, high-precision camera for µBGA and 0.3 mm pitch. 

Also at the JUKI stand the KE-2070 High Speed Chip Shooter and the KE-2080 High-speed Flexible Mounter from the JUKI Flexlinepremium line. Built on the one-piece SuperCast™ single casting base that includes the Y beams, the mounters are designed with speed, accuracy and reliability in mind. It was the first generation of JUKI mounters equipped with the new LNC-60 high-resolution 360° component laser centering system and an improved magnascale resolution down to 1 mm, the systems are 25 per cent more accurate than previous models capable of placing down to 01005 components. The KE-2070/2080 series introduced the Load Cell option that gives the machine the ability to measure nozzle placement force necessary for high accuracy, stackable and fluxing applications. The KE-2070 will be equipped at the show with the EPV (Embedded Process Verification) option, whereas the KE2080 High-speed flexible mounter will feature the IFS-X2 RFID intelligent feeder system.

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