High output tube light kits

Paul Boughton

LEDtronics announces its new series of LED T5 High Output Tube Light Kits. The LED kits are available in a choice of 2, 3, 4 or 6-tube kits. They fit into almost any fixture, and feature ease of installation, requiring only a single driver for up to four4 tubes and only two drivers for 6 tubes! The UL-Recognized external drivers are included.

The T5 Tube Light Kits can be directly retrofitted into virtually any 4-ft 2-pin, in-line fluorescent tube fixture. Each tube in the LEDtronics LED48T5HO low cost/high value kits uses only 21 watts and replaces fluorescent counterparts up to 54W, offering energy savings of up to 50%.

The high-output T5 kits are perfect for such applications as production area lighting, factory lighting, warehouse lighting, retail store lighting, etc.