Gear units extend output torque from 25kNm to 242kNm

Paul Boughton

Nord Drivesystems has expanded its NORDBLOC SK Industrial Gear Unit range with four new smaller sized models with a choice of helical or bevel-helical gear stages. The new gear units, in sizes 7, 8, 9 & 10, are available for output torque from 25kNm to 50kNm in the same characteristic UNICASE monobloc design as the present SK range which extends to 242kNm in sizes 11, 12, 13, & 15.

The exceptionally durable and robust NORDBLOC SK range is aimed at heavy engineering applications throughout all industries and is supplied as a pre-assembled modular sub-assembly mounted on a choice of base frames complete with gearbox, motor and coupling along with a comprehensive and flexible range of options and accessories. ATEX, Food & Beverage, and other sensitive environment version are fully available.

These scalable solutions are application matched from a comprehensive checklist of gear unit selection criteria to ensure that the units provide optimal performance and the longest service life possible. This detail extends from installation environment and operational duty frequency to a full analysis of thermal, load bearing, torque, speed and other critical dynamic factors. By specifying a complete sub-assembly, the customer is able to reduce their own project management burden and reduce timescales and costs by using the Nord design service to manage all aspects of the application. This approach also ensures that project planning, purchasing and system commissioning is more straightforward.[Page Break]

The modular system takes care of gearbox and motor orientation with options of elastic or fluid coupling and a choice of fixed or swing base frames. Further options include output shaft types and positions, motor-gearbox coupling, drum or disc brakes, lubrication management, radial or axial cooling fans, auxiliary drives, torque support, surface protection and many more.

As with the existing larger sized units, both 2 and 3 stage gear units are available with a wide choice of ratios extending through the range. The symmetrical UNICASE gearbox design permits mirror image installation for dual drive applications. Nord’s own wide range of IEC frame energy saving three-phase motors are used throughout, and NORD SK 500E frequency inverters are available to offer complete gear unit and drive solutions with high performance motor control, and connection to all current factory networking communications systems.[Page Break]

The UNICASE gear unit housing system employed in the NORDBLOC SK series industrial gear units draws on the well proven benefits from the concept NORD originally developed more than 30 years ago. The one piece design, produced on specialised CNC machines, yields the highest levels of precision, rigidity and strength. As all bearings are mounted directly into the cast iron UNICASE housing, and with no dividing seams between the drive and gear unit, the design allows shaft axes to be staggered in a more compact space-saving arrangement that allows the use of larger roller bearings. The result is a much longer operational life with quieter running and reduced maintenance burden when compared to split housing designs.

The new size 7,8,9 & 10 size Industrial Gear Units are comprehensively covered in the G1051 catalogue which is supplementary to the full G1050 catalogue for the larger units  -which includes a complete resource for project planning.

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