Gear unit range brings increased performance

Paul Boughton

The recently announced new-generation TwinSpin G-series high-precision reduction gear unit from Spinea sro is available in the UK from Heason Technology.

As the result of several years’ application experience and advances in manufacturing processes, the new gear reducer - with its integrated heavy-duty bearing system - offers significantly higher torque-to-weight ratio and greater tilting rigidity in addition to many other specification enhancements that will bring automation designers benefits such as smaller machine volumes, increased product quality, improved manufacturing precision and higher production throughput.

TwinSpin high precision reduction gear units combine a ‘trochoidal’ gear arrangement with a heavy-duty radial thrust bearing system that offers a space-saving single unit concept - removing the need for separate powertrain load support mechanics.

The trochoidal gear contact profile provides almost 50% simultaneous meshing ensuring high torque transmission and backlash-free performance in precision motion control.

When compared with the existing TwinSpin gear reducer ranges, the new G-series design concentrates and advances on the innovative gear form with much reduced hysteresis and lost motion as well as lower friction which together translates into improved performance and accuracy.

Furthermore, the bearing design improvements have resulted in a double-digit increase in the tilting rigidity throughout the torque range in addition to similar torque-to-weight ratio increases.

The new TwinSpin G Series is available in eight frame sizes with nominal outside diameter from 75 to 200 mm and with rated torque from 34 to 950Nm. The face mounted unit is supplied in two variants, with sealed output only or as a fully sealed gear unit for direct connection with a motor. A wide choice of ratios is available in each frame size - typically six options are available between 45:1 and 135:1 for the 125mm diameter unit.

The design improvements allows smaller, lighter and less complex machine design and extends the applications for the TwinSpin gear reducer that ranges from robotics and precision positioning actuators to machine tools and high throughput packaging machinery.