Fuel skid

Paul Boughton

One of the most critical components of any combustion turbine installation is the fuel delivery system.
Young & Franklin has assembled a fuel skid comprised of four YF 3010E500 Series Electromechanically Actuated Gas Control Valve Assemblies (two 2-in and two 1-in line sizes) and one YF 9200D490 Series Double Block & Bleed Isolation Valve Assembly to maximize efficiency and eliminate varnish issues common in hydraulic controls.
The first electromechanically actuated DLN-2.58+ skid was first commissioned on a GE Oil & Gas Frame 5002E, which is a new 34 MW Turbine used for dual application (pipeline compression or power generation) in October of 2007 for field testing on a European site. This first installation has been running for nearly four years (accumulating over 31 000 firing hours) and has had zero issues. This technology is new to GE Heavy Duty Turbines; to date there are 28 of these systems operating in the field. GE Oil & Gas personnel have had only praise for the all-electric fuel delivery skid: “It runs flawlessly and is by far the best control system we have seen and used.”
The DLN-2.58+ skid described is running on choked flow valves; Young & Franklin has since developed an unchoked flow valve that opens up this system for many new applications.
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