Force-displacement evaluation unit with integral Ethernet/IP master

Paul Boughton

Kistler is introducing the DMF-P A310 Universal Type 4740A… force-displacement evaluation unit for electromechanical NC joining systems. It is a development of the DMF-P A300 NCF Type 4734A…, which has proven to be effective in complex industrial joining processes. The operating concept with clear, user-friendly guidance is along the same lines as the previously marketed force-displacement unit DMF-P A300 NCF.
The enhancements have focused on optimising and speeding up system commissioning for faster installation at lower cost. The integral Ethernet/IP master replaces four cables and significantly reduces cabling and installation work. Its functionality allows the servo controller to be operated and controlled directly by the DMF-P A310 Universal. Faster data transmission, even at program changeovers, shortens cycle times. During commissioning the system can still be run without the master control system being fully functional. Integral control allows quick and easy setting up for all common control systems without any special function block. Further optional fieldbuses such as Ethernet/IP, Profinet IO and Devicenet are available for this purpose. The system comes with a Profibus interface as standard.
Connection of an external displacement sensor is possible as an option. The DMF-P A310 Universal's sequence control offers 'Automatic,' 'Move' and 'Service' modes.
The system monitors joining and press-fit processes with the aid of adjustable windows, and makes it possible to keep track of parameters such as installation forces, end points or overloads in automated joining processes. The new system also has evaluation windows for functions such as break-point; for example, for detecting and stopping motion when a retaining ring snaps into place. It provides the station control system with the result of the evaluation in the form of, for example, an OK or NOK signal, measurements and set points.
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