First Verification IP for 200G Ethernet

Jon Lawson

Synopsys has launched the industry's first verification IP (VIP) and UVM source code suite for testing the latest Ethernet 200Gbit/s system-on-chip (SoC) designs.

As the requirements for increased bandwidth to support video-on-demand, social networking, and cloud services continue to grow, the verification IP enables SoC teams to design next-generation networking products with higher quality, resulting in accelerated verification closure.

"Our Ethernet, Multilane-Gearbox (MLG) and FlexE products drive the latest high-speed communications and embedded system networking solutions," said Francois Balay, president of MorethanIP.  "Synopsys' 200G Ethernet VIP and source code test suite enable the verification process, for rapid introduction of MorethanIP 200G Ethernet high-speed communication IP Cores."

The VC VIP for 200G supports 4 x 50G or 8 x 25G line interface options with Reed-Solomon Forward Error Correction (RS-FEC). It uses a native SystemVerilog/Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) architecture and features built-in comprehensive coverage, verification planning, extensive protocol checks and protocol-aware debug. It features extensive and customizable frame generation and error injection capabilities, with additional source code UNH-IOL test suites also available. Synopsys VIP is also natively integrated with the Synopsys Verdi Protocol Analyzer debug solution for faster debugging of the design.

"Synopsys has achieved many industry firsts, including first to deliver a complete Ethernet verification solution for all speeds (25G, 40G, 50G, 100G) and first to support 200G and 400G," said Vikas Gautam, group director of VIP R&D and corporate applications for the Synopsys Verification Group. "To achieve these industry firsts, Synopsys continues to innovate and provide support for the latest specifications, enabling leading IP design and SoC companies to quickly verify their products and accelerate time to market."

The VC VIP for Ethernet 200G and source code test suites are both in limited customer availability today.