Filtration reduces detergent consumption during parts cleaning

Paul Boughton

Power management company Eaton presents its latest generation of solutions for the filtration of cleaning products, helping industrial parts cleaners increase efficiency and sustainability.

Eaton’s HAYFLOW Q filter elements combine the advantages of a filter bag with those of a filter cartridge. The combination of proven extended-life DURAGAF filter material, which works as a high-performance pre-filter and depth filter, and precise nylon-monofilament woven material, which functions as a final filter with a retention rate of 10μm, facilitate effective depth filtration with efficient particle separation.

The HAYFLOW Q filter elements when used with Eaton’s high-performance TOPLINE bag filter housings reduce product loss, and make filter elements easy-to-change. This combination is suitability for demanding application and provides consistently clean liquids for different cleaning processes in the production workflow.

The highly-efficient filtration reduces detergent consumption and provides both economic and environmental benefits, since the individual batches can also be significantly reused in the system thanks to the cleaner liquids.

Thanks to their special design and polypropylene or polyester-needle felt construction, the MAX-LOAD pleated filter bags increase dirt-holding capacity and service life by up to ten times compared to standard needle felt filter bags.

In addition, there is the DCF 800 mechanically cleaned filter for liquids in industrial applications. Considered the most efficient mechanically cleaned filter on the market, it is ideal for highly viscous, abrasive, or sticky liquids. It operates at a consistently low differential pressure and delivers simple, reliable operation in which a low initial investment is a key driving factor.