Field generator for EMC immunity testing

Paul Boughton

For almost 50 years EMC radiated immunity testing has been dependent on large and costly amplifiers. Now DARE!! Instruments has come up with a new concept; the RadiField Triple A broadband E-field generator.

DARE!! Instruments has now delivered a RadiField Triple A field generator to Royal Philips Drachten in The Netherlands, the first installation of this new product. In the case of Philips, the RadiField Triple A has been delivered in combination with a laser-powered polariser.

The RadiField makes use of a regular coaxial cable to transfer the RF signal, the DC power and the communications to and from the instrument. This allows for an easy integration in existing situations.

The RadiField Triple A contains three RF power amplifiers each connected to a directional coupler, two RF power meters and a broadband antenna. Instead of combining the RF power of the amplifiers, the RF field is combined allowing for a much more efficient solution.

The complete solution delivered to Royal Philips also contained a RadiCentre EMC test system equipped with a plug-in card interfacing to the RadiField. The RadiCentre is also equipped with a RadiGen 6GHz signal generator, the RadiPol polariser and a RadiSense 6GHz E-field probe. The signal paths are switched by means of RadiSwitch plug-in cards. With all these instruments integrated in one 4U high 19-inch rack mountable RadiCentre Philips acquired a compact, efficient and cost effective solution.

Based on this new concept a complete product range has been introduced:

* Broadband 1GHz to 3GHz or 1GHz to 6GHz;

* Models up to 10 V/m @ 3m and 30 V/m @ 1m;

* Compact solution with integrated amplifiers, power meters and antennae;

* Full compliant with the IEC61000-4-3 standard;

* Plug & Play – no additional measures needed;

* Single regular coaxial cable for RF signal, power and communication;

* Up to 50% more cost effective than a conventional RI test system.


RadiField Explanatory Video - The RadiField Triple A