Fibre gains type approval for terminations

Jon Lawson

Applied Fibre has received type approval for fibre rope terminations under DNVGL–ST–0378 for offshore vessels and platforms certified under DNVGL. Applied Fibre offers a robust rope termination with 100% strength efficiency for lifting appliances and mooring applications. The terminations provide a simple method to integrate fibre rope with existing rigging connections. 

MacGregor, a leading offshore crane manufacturer is utilising the terminations on the new FibreTrac 1500 crane announced at the Offshore Northern Seas Exhibition in Norway. The crane integrates a specialised rope handling system designed by Parkburn specifically for synthetic fibre rope. The system offers full payload to any depth and provides owners and operators a level of performance not seen with current cranes.  

Fibre and rope terminations are being adopted across numerous industries and in many cases are subject to extreme fatigue situations such as surface mining drag lines in rope sizes up to 1500MT strength.




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