Fast cable selection

Paul Boughton

The readycable product finder is the latest online tool from cabling specialist igus that provides users a quick and easy way of selecting from more than 2,830 ready-made drive cables suitable for a range of applications.

The tool  features cables with different approvals and compliances from 20 different manufacturers’ standards. Once the appropriate cable has been selected, the user can place an order instantly and the product can be dispatched from 24 hours.

Finding the right drive cable for a particular application is straightforward; the user can either enter the manufacturer’s part number or select a manufacturer by name from the dropdown menu.

Once the cable has been selected, a detailed overview of it is then provided that includes information such as the outer jacket material (PUR, PVC or TPE), bending radius, environmental conditions, travel distances and conformity with relevant standards such as UL and CSA.