F-coded cordsets and receptacles deliver four times the power

Paul Boughton

Molex, LLC introduces the Brad M12 Power F-Coded cordsets and receptacles featuring an industry-leading current carrying capacity of up to 16A per pin, with a robust, blind-mate key design.

Developed to meet the increasing power requirements of motors, solenoid-operated valves, actuation equipment and 24V DC auxiliary power systems in automation control systems, the products are also well suited for LED lighting and commercial vehicle applications.

The Brad M12 Power connectors come equipped with an F-Coding mating interface to prevent accidental usage with other M12 connectors being used for input, output, signal, or industrial network connections.

The robust blind-mate key design significantly reduces the chance of mis-mating, especially in restricted access locations where visibility is limited.

To eliminate the chance of electrical shock, the connector pins are recessed in a contact carrier. The receptacle design has been enhanced to more efficiently dissipate heat generated by the higher current-carrying capability, while maintaining its compact size.

The 4-pin M12 connectors will accommodate wire sizes up to 14 AWG/2.5mm2 and are rated for 300V AC/DC operation with a dielectric withstanding voltage of 1600V.  The operating temperature range is -20 to +90ºC.  An IP67 seal interface makes the Brad M12 Power F-Coded cordsets and receptacles ideal for use in harsh and wet industrial environments. The connector is dust-proof and can be temporarily submerged in up to one metre of water.

The new Brad M12 Power interconnect system offers a great advantage over the more predominant, larger and more expensive M23 and MIL-C-5015 connector interfaces.

The F-Coding is planned to be adopted by the IEC Standard 61076-2-111 and has been submitted for ANSI/EIA acceptance. This will allow for an open-industry connector standard, increasing adoption among a wide array of platforms and manufacturers.

In addition to panel mount male / female receptacle cordsets, the F-Coded series includes single ended and double ended cordsets, with straight or 90 degree, male or female connectors.