Explosion-proof motors with high efficiency

Paul Boughton

WEG has added a larger IEC 800 frame size model to its energy-efficient W22X series of explosion-proof motors to meet the needs of the most demanding energy-intensive applications, for example in the oil and gas industry.

Designed for medium-voltage and high-voltage applications, the new frame size motors deliver excellent performance with an efficiency of up to 97.4% and ensure low maintenance and operating costs, making them suitable for applications where harsh environmental conditions demand high reliability and robustness without compromising on energy efficiency.

One reason for the motor’s high efficiency is its innovative stainless steel tubular cooling system (IEC 60034-6 IC511) which provides optimal air flow and delivers maximum cooling capacity in the stator, rotor, and critical components such as bearings.

Additionally, aerodynamically designed fans and fan covers help produce effective air flow with the lowest possible noise level. Hot spots are also avoided by ensuring uniform temperature distribution in the entire frame, therefore providing reliable, high performance over a long service life.

The W22X 800 motors offer ultimate flexibility to the user as they are available with many mounting options including an IM B3 mounting as standard together with various mounting assembly/terminal box arrangements and a flex-resistant welded steel frame with IP55 protection rating and large integrated mounting feet. The robust housing allows the explosion-proof motors to be used in the most demanding applications while minimising vibration and noise emissions.

The W22X 800 motor is available as 2, 4, 6 and 8 pole versions with alternative speeds available on request, and is rated from 2 to 5.6 MW with supply voltage from 6.6 to 11kV at 50 or 60Hz. Motors of this size would typically be designed as bespoke, but WEG now offers a standard product with many optional modules in response to increased demand. As such the motor can be customised easily and optimised for individual applications. It is also available to suit different ambient temperatures (-55°C to +60°C), protective devices (surge protectors, capacitors, inverters), terminal boxes (number, position and type), protection ratings (IP56, IP65 or IP66) or variable speed drives.

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