Ethernet connectors are compact alternative to RJ 45

Paul Boughton

Tyco Electronics is launching the RJ point five connector system, which is designed to offer double the port density of the standard RJ 45 Ethernet link while maintaining field termination capability. The product supports Gigabit speeds of Cat5E UTP cable, with a roadmap to support PoE+ and 10GBase-T over Cat 6a cable.
Gretchen L Troutman, the product manager at Tyco Electronics, comments: "The RJ point five connector is a direct response to the market's need for a cost-effective solution for higher I/O port density. The system provides OEMs with a lower cost per port while retaining the convenience of a single connector per channel. The modular design achieves greater flexibility to accommodate specific application requirements."
With 7mm port spacings, the RJ point five connector occupies about half the space of an RJ 45 Ethernet link, utilising the same footprint to support both integrated magnetic and non-integrated systems. The modular configuration of the receptacle allows for easy and rapid deployment of product extensions.
As well as the new the high-density receptacle, Tyco Electronics offers mating cable assemblies to provide superior electrical performance. The legacy 3/6-contact pairing in RJ 45 applications has been replaced with a quadrant-style design to minimise noise and maximise return loss performance. Additionally, the latching feature supports an easy-to-use lanyard that means up to 96 ports can be used on a single line card. The cable assemblies are capable of field termination. Cable management products for single-box and rack configurations are also available.
Typical applications for the new connector include: high-density Ethernet switching/routing products, data centre switching (top-of-rack, end-of-row and mid-row), server I/O, and wiring closet switching products.
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