Engineers in demand in Australia

Paul Boughton

Australia is currently experiencing a shortage of qualified engineers which is opening up opportunities for British workers.

Recent Australian government investment in infrastructure has generated increased demand for qualified civil and structural engineers, chemical engineers, electrical engineers and mining engineers.

Skilled engineers could be recruited to work on projects including the planning, design and construction of dams, bridges, pipelines, gas and water supply networks, sewerage systems, airports and other civil engineering projects, according to The Emigration Group.

Paul Arthur, director at The Emigration Group said: “Being one of the most developed countries in the world Australia is an engineering hotspot. It is always looking for qualified professionals to work overseas to assist with new projects and developments.

“Recent investments by the Australian government have provided great opportunities for both newly trained and experienced engineers in all sectors. The salary and lifestyle the country offers is unique and highly desirable to Brits.”

Australia is a country built for emigration and continues to be the most popular destination for the thousands of Britons who emigrate overseas each year.

According a report from The Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) earlier this year, Melbourne retained its crown of the most liveable city for the second successive year.

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