Energy Institute responds to UK White Paper

Jon Lawson

The Industrial Strategy White Paper, published by Business Secretary Greg Clark, is cautiously welcomed by the Energy Institute (EI) as a step forward in helping the UK’s energy systems to be fit for the future.

Energy Institute CEO Louise Kingham said, “The strategy lays solid, economy-wide foundations and identifies the great challenges of our age. The energy sector has a defining role to play in making a success for the UK of clean growth and the mobility transformation in particular.

“It’s reassuring to see a focus on nurturing the people and innovations needed to take the UK economy beyond Brexit and beyond carbon. I am encouraged as well to see that resource efficiency in business, industry and construction have such a prominent place, and that the government is committed to taking a whole systems approach to decarbonising our energy infrastructure.

“Sector deals are still needed to up the pace of progress in technologies where the UK has advantage. We look forward to the results of discussions with key sectors such as nuclear, renewables and oil and gas as soon as possible.

“Where there are gaps, we look forward to helping fill them. The Energy Institute and its members stand ready to apply their considerable expertise to realise the potential outlined in this ambitious strategy.”

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