Encapsulated strain gauges offer high precision in challenging conditions

Paul Boughton

HBM has released the V-series of encapsulated strain gauges to provide optimum protection against challenging environmental conditions such as impact and moisture making it suitable for structural measurements on, for example, railway tracks, boats and chimneys.

The V-series of strain gauges has been designed for simplified installation while providing high precision.

The V-series of strain gauge features four 3-meter long stranded connection wires to facilitate simple and rapid installation.  

The connection wires are designed to be especially suitable for connecting to HBM measuring amplifiers with their patented expanded Kreuzer circuit as this compensates for voltage losses due to long wires or temperature effects on the cable, enabling high-precision measurement.

HBM’s V-series of strain gauges is available in two versions – one with a resistance of 120 Ohm and the other with 350 Ohm – to provide users with maximum flexibility in structural testing.

HBM’s V-series of encapsulated strain gauges provide optimum protection while ensuring high precision.

For more information, visit www.hbm.com

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