Electrically heated hoses and lines

Paul Boughton

Heated analysis hoses and tube systems from Hillesheim are designed for conducting gaseous and fluid media from A to B at high temperatures. Heating hoses prevent the medium's temperature from dropping below the dew point, its cooling or its solidification between the extraction point and the analysis device or the consuming unit at the end of the heated line.

Appropriate heating hose systems are available for different applications. Standard sizes available are diameters of 4 -10mm in lengths from 0.5 to 100m. The strength of the company is the fabrication of custom configurations to customer specifications and quick delivery at reasonable prices. Hillesheim continuously monitors the quality of the products with its QA system. The company has been a reliable partner to the analysis and instrumentation disciplines for 35 years.

Hillesheim heating lines have been installed at various facilities for use in an array of applications. These include: power plant combustion systems; exhaust gas monitoring; water analysis; air testing; and solid waste incineration. The lines are in use at petrochemical facilities, refiners, motor test stands and at technical inspection agencies.

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Hillesheim is based in Waghäusel, Germany.