Electric actuator advancements

Paul Boughton

AUMA’s explosion proof actuators are well known in the oil and gas industry for their robust design and reliability, even in harsh environments. The devices comply with increasing market demands for vendor list approvals and international explosion protection certification. Leading oil and gas industry companies adopt the devices to meet their challenging valve control demands.

The company’s latest announcement is a new fail safe unit. The new FQM provides an mechanical actuator solution to automatically open or close valves in the event of emergency, even with disrupted power supply. While conventional springs lose 80% of torque across valve travel, AUMA’s advancement provides virtually constant torque. An overriding gear arrangement ensures the spring doesn’t move during standard operation. Both factors assist in enabling selection of significantly smaller actuator solutions. Premature spring fatigue and excessive torques at the valve are also avoided. The unit is virtually maintenance-free. Safety-related application requirements up to SIL 2/SIL 3 are met. The new fail safe unit is combined with AUMA’s electric part-turn actuators and can be retrofitted within existing installations.

When it comes to special applications, new AUMA actuation solutions include an innovative approach for lift plug valves including two actuators: the advancement simplifies operation and reduces wear. Further applications include multiport valve control and coker valve automation in delayed coking systems.

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