EBV launches a new website for renewable energies

Paul Boughton

The EBV Renewable Energies microsite contains both an overview on markets and applications and content ranging from general information to detailed descriptions of the applications.

As a special service, there is also an overview of the semiconductors which are used in the respective applications.

Visitors can zoom in from the application layer to the semiconductor level. In this overview, a click on the corresponding product not only enables direct access to detailed information on the technical properties and logistical details but also to an individual pre-completed form to establish contact with the respective EBV product specialist.
Most websites in the industry do not relate to customers’ individual renewable energies needs. With this dedicated site, including all information around the Renewable Energies sector, EBV offers a highly individualised platform for that segment.

The EBV Elektronik renewable energies website provides background information from Smart Grid communications with the diverse metering communication standards (energy appliances), high power solar and wind energy generation, as well as energy storage.

Each topic has several sub-sections. Information on many different topics can be found on the applications site.

Visitors to the site can find page headings such as meter/DCU as well as reference boards, numerous EBV chips, inverters/converters and communication issues such as Power Line (PLC) or Low-Power RF. The website covers the application spectrum in depth and from here sub pages provide detailed information on ZigBee, WMBus, 6LoWPAN, GSM/GPRS, LPBluetooth, etc. One more click leads the user to the level of the applicable semiconductor for the individual application.
For more information, visit www.ebv.com/renewableenergies