Dynamic drive applications with inverter technology

Paul Boughton

Nord Drivesystems’ advanced frequency inverters and high efficiency geared motors can be combined to provide servo-level performance at very competitive costs when compared to traditional servo solutions.

Nord offers a comprehensive range of cabinet, wall mounted and motor-mounted frequency inverters with optional POSICON position control for use with its IE2/IE3 asynchronous geared motors or permanent-magnet IE4 synchronous geared motors. Available with flexible choice of absolute or incremental encoder feedback, and with IEC 61131 programming support, POSICON offers a compelling solution for medium precision applications where multi-axis coordination, flying shear, master/slave synchronisation or positon/product registration is required.

Nord’s SK 540E is the top-of-the-range control cabinet frequency inverter and integrates a universal encoder interface for SSI, BISS, EnDat profile 2.1, and Hiperface. In addition to absolute or point-to-point positioning functions the inverter offers endless incremental positioning and features such as teach in, reference point, offset, target position and S-ramps are easily programmed for complete application flexibility.

With output power for distributed inverter technology available up to 22 kW and cabinet devices up to 160 kW, other drive features available include a 200% overload capability and STO/SS1 for high safety applications whilst a wide choice of fieldbus extension modules including Profibus, CANopen, EtherCAT and EtherNet IP provides numerous communication integration opportunity.