DuPont introduces new Hazmat suit to counter chemical hazards

Louise Smyth

In emergency response situations, it is critical to ensure that personnel are fully protected from any risk of exposure to toxic or corrosive substances. DuPont has therefore introduced the new Tychem TK full encapsulation suit. Worn with a self-contained breathing apparatus, gas-tight suit Tychem TK provides an effective barrier against more than 300 chemicals.

The new  suit is specifically designed for situations where there is immediate danger to life and health. Protecting against toxic and corrosive gases, liquids and solid chemicals, the high performance garment is suitable for industrial, emergency response and domestic preparedness applications. A typical example of an application is exposure to ammonia. This toxic chemical is most commonly found in refrigerants, cleaning products and fertilizers; but also has applications in food and petrochemical processing and metals extraction. It can be a liquid or a gas and exposure to a high concentration of ammonia can be fatal. Even in lower concentrations, ammonia will cause irritation to the eyes, nose and respiratory system and chemical or freezing burns to the skin. It is therefore imperative to protect emergency responders in situations where this chemical has escaped due to an accident or malicious attack.

DuPont subjected the new garment to rigorous testing to prove its effectiveness in emergency situations. It not only exceeds the required resistance to permeation for the 15 chemicals listed in EN 943-2, it also exhibits no breakthrough at up to eight hours for 90% of the 300 chemicals tested.

“Emergency responders will generally only wear this type of protective garment for around 20-30 minutes,” said Maxence de Langautier of DuPont Protection Solutions. “The test results give both users and specifiers total peace of mind that Tychem TK will provide superior protection for a wide range of chemical hazards.”

Further features include attached socks with outer boot flaps, two exhaust valves, a double storm flap with hook and loop closure and double taped seams. To ensure the wearer is clearly identifiable, even in reduced visibility caused by smoke or poor light, the suits are a bright lime yellow. 

So it is a limited use, gas-tight garment with a five-year warranty that provides specifiers with a genuine alternative to conventional reusable chemical protective clothing. Category III, Type 1a-ET, both TK 614T and TK 615T are CE certified according to EN 943-1 + EN 943-2 (limited-use gas-tight chemical protective suit for emergencies teams).


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