Dual fire barrier cable increases standards

Louise Smyth

Cable manufacturer Tratos has achieved product approval from Italy’s principal certification body, IMQ*, for its new Tratos Dual Fire Barrier, fibre optic communications cable.

The small, compact, lightweight cable, meets several exacting industry standards and has been designed specifically for underground and metro systems, and London Crossrail. With its ease of installation the cable, with ZHLS (Zero Halogen Low Smoke) sheathing, was tested in February and is one of the first products to have achieved the requirements of LU1-085, BS EN 187000:1994 and IEC 60794-1-2.

Tratos has manufactured cables for Rail and Mass Transit applications for the past ten years.  Designing innovative, fire resistant products for high speed applications, Tratos is often called upon to develop products that meet high quality industry as well as specific client specifications.

In testing the Tratos Dual Fire Barrier cable achieved notable results, in the crush strength test – achieving a lower than required increased attenuation maximum; the smoke density/emission test - recording a minimum value that was significantly lower than required and the degree of acidity (ph and conductivity) test, achieving a minimum level lower than required.

*IMQ is a European leader in conformity assessments and laboratory tests for the electrical, electronic, gas and energy industries.