Dual band amplifier

Paul Boughton

MILMEGA, part of the AMETEK Compliance Test Solutions group, introduces a dual band amplifier designed to exceed the requirements of the latest automotive radar pulse test standards.

The AS0104-800/400 has been optimised for maximum power in the two radar bands, 1.2 to 1.4GHz and 2.7 to 3.1GHz.

This new solid state amplifier complements MILMEGA’s existing 1GHz to 4GHz amplifiers. The AS0104-800/400 uses MILMEGA’s dual band philosophy, with each band covering only one octave (1 to 2GHz and 2 to 4GHz).

A key advantage of this dual band approach is that the harmonics of the test frequencies are outside the band of each of the sub-amplifiers and are very poorly amplified.

As a result the AS0104-800/400 can be used at saturation to deliver more output power rather than at the normal P1dB level. This means the new amplifier can still meet the required harmonic performance with no adverse effects on testing. The amplifier offers harmonics below -20dBc, even at saturation.

Operating at saturation, the amplifier is able to produce maximum continuous wave (CW) power >800W 1.2 to 1.4GHz and >400W 2.7 to 3.1GHz. This increase in power allows the amplifier to run an entire 600V/m@1m radar pulse test using a single horn antenna. This facilitates easy set-up and operation with the added benefit of reducing test time.  Unit output is suitable for all EMC loads and remote operation is available via IEEE, USB, LAN or RS232.

This dual band amplifier is based on MILMEGA’s previously available AS0104-400/200ST, using the same power modules. It is available in new systems or upgrades from the AS0104-400/200ST can be provided upon request.