Dry vacuum pumps boost coffee production

Paul Boughton

Edwards Group Limited supplied GXS dry screw pumps to be used in freeze dried coffee production.

One of the major Latin American coffee producers operates one of the largest and most sophisticated processors of freeze dried coffee in the world.  

The facility exports freeze dried coffee to dozens of countries worldwide.  Edwards has supplied the producer with new GXS450/4200 dry screw vacuum pumps for use in their freeze drying process, with the potential for many more to be replaced during the next few years.

The coffee producer has years of experience operating Edwards’ Microvac oil sealed rotary piston pumps, and so was an ideal candidate for Edwards’ GXS dry screw pumps.  GXS pumps are resistant to the acids released during coffee freeze drying processes, and with the optional solvent flush accessory do not require periodic oil changes or pump rebuilds for up to five years.  This has resulted in savings to the producer of approximately 22,000 USD in maintenance costs each year.  

Low maintenance together with reduced gas and power consumption make GXS one of the most economical vacuum pumps for industrial applications.

In addition, the coffee producer was excited by the speed control ability of the GXS pump, which allows them to control the pressure conditions inside their freeze drying tunnel.

Key factors in the decision by the producer to choose Edwards’ pumps over the competition were the ease with which the GXS dry screw pumps can be cleaned, the many environmental benefits of the pumps and the excellent service provided by our local distributor. Other factors were the compact footprint and low noise levels of the GXS, together with the reliable performance of the pump and suitability for the freeze drying process.

For more information, visit www.edwardsvacuum.com

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