Digital signal controllers feature higher performance

Paul Boughton

Microchip announces the 14-member dsPIC33EP GS family of Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs).

The dsPIC33EP GS family delivers the performance needed to implement more sophisticated non-linear, predictive and adaptive control algorithms at higher switching frequencies.

These advanced algorithms enable power-supply designs that are more energy efficient and have better power-supply specifications.

Higher switching frequencies enable the development of physically smaller power supplies that offer higher densities and lower costs.

Compared with the previous generation of DSCs, the new dsPIC33EP G devices provide less than half the latency, when used in a three-pole three-zero compensator, and consume up to 80% less power in any application.

This new dsPIC33EP GS family includes advanced features such as Live Update Flash capability, which is especially helpful for high-availability or ‘always-on’ systems.  Live Update can be used to change the firmware of an operating power supply, including the active compensator calculation code, while maintaining continuous regulation.

Variants from this new digital-power-optimised DSC family are available in the industry’s smallest, 4 x 4mm UQFN package for space-constrained designs.