DC generator cuts cost of off-grid telecoms

Louise Smyth

A new generator is set to transform the way telecoms companies supply power to their off-grid sites, according to DC generator and control systems manufacturer Controllis. The new product offers cost and fuel savings, while making it easier for telecoms companies to serve customers in remote locations.

The cost of powering off-grid cell sites is one of the main factors holding back the roll-out of telecoms services into developing countries. This has a major impact on economic growth in those countries - and on the provision of vital services such as health and education.

More than a million of the world's cell sites run on generators all or part of the time. Most rely on more expensive AC generators, with relatively high fuel consumption, which makes them unpopular with environmental campaigners and this leads to reputational damage for the telecoms companies - as well as higher costs.

A new product launched by Controllis, a UK-based DC generator and control systems manufacturer, has the potential to transform the efficiency of supplying power to off-grid cells.

The Controllis Basic48-10 is a high efficiency 48V, 10KW DC generator designed specifically to power off-grid telecoms sites. It is cheaper both to run and buy than a traditional AC system. It also uses less fuel and so reduces the carbon footprint.