Data and server cabinets

Paul Boughton

Hylec-AP’s RETO is the latest line in 19in data and server cabinets from Retex. The new rack differs from previous generation products because it has no external structure. This maximises internal space utilisation, and also helps facilitate quick assembly.

However load-carrying-capability has not been compromised; RETO racks can handle up to 1200kg and they are around 25% more cost-effective than Retex’s Logic2 rack, which handles up to 1500kg.

According to Retex’s technical marketing director, Javier Marti, RETO racks offer other advantages as well. “Like Logic2, RETO has been designed for flat-pack,” he emphasises, “using quick-fittings rather than bolts and screws wherever possible. There are only eight parts and they all come in one box – so there is no confusion over mis-identified or lost screws and fixings. This means that one person can fully assemble a RETO rack in around five minutes only.”

Attaching side panels requires no screws; baying, too, is a simple screwless operation. Internally, infinite adjustment of shelving  is possible, maximising space utilisation. Racks can be colour-coded for identification and/or branding.