Customised actuator solution secures Gazprom contract

Paul Boughton

AUMA adapted its modular actuator design to meet the flow control needs of Gazprom gas compressor stations in Siberia, Russia. The contract with Gazprom, a global energy company holding the world’s largest natural gas reserves, is a highly prestigious order for AUMA and the latest in a series of international oil and gas actuator installations for the modular actuation specialists.

Having identified an opportunity to propose actuation technology to replace existing equipment, AUMA researched the station’s installed control system requirements. The company’s actuator engineering experts were deployed to produce customised wiring and circuitry diagrams to meet the precise needs of the scheme. AUMA’s R&D resulted in production of a special version actuator for Gazprom that fitted seamlessly into the established installation and provided enhancements with speed of operation and modularity of design.

AUMA has been commissioned to equip a further seven stations with its electric actuation technology. To date, more than 200 explosion-proof actuators with integrated controls and high speed, part–turn gearboxes have been supplied. This figure is set to rise to 300 actuators installed by the end of 2014.

The contractor for the scheme is Jamalgazinvest, Russia, the subcontractor is Gazoilcorp and the customer is the ARMATURY Group, Czech Republic.

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