Connector with locking for the vibration resistance

Paul Boughton

A new model in the Y-Con line of industrial RJ45 connectors from Yamaichi Electronics provides a special IP20 locking for the CAT6A version of the series. This CAT6A version is called Y-ConProfix. The plug and jack are both available. The stainless steel locking mechanism can easily be assembled to the Y-ConProfix without the use of tools.

Both clips in the IP20 Lock plug engage effortlessly with no force when plugged into the mounted holding frame of the jack, which is screwed onto the housing of the application.

The interlock in the holding frame prevents mechanical strain on the plug connection, protecting it from damage and unintentional release.

Reliable strain relief is therefore guaranteed, and any possible economic damage is prevented.

The locking mechanism is suitable for use under strong vibration and in applications with tough requirements for mechanical safety and reliable holding forces.

The housing frame is available in a single, double, quadruple and, upon request, octuple version and can be combined either with the new IP20 Lock for the Profix plug (CAT5 and CAT6A) or with the existing plastic IP20 Lock.

All RJ45 plug and jack versions suitable for the IP20 Lock can of course also optionally be provided with power contacts fully integrated into the plug and jack for the supply of electrical power.