Connector has full 360-degree EMI shielding

Louise Smyth

When working with high-data-rate (HDR) signals, covering the connector tails will help stop EMI radiating.

Today solutions usually require some metallised tape or metal cover to be added over the connector solder tail area. There is no need to add tape to the I-PEX CABLINE-CA II connector shielding cover.

The CABLINE-CA II connector has an integrated solder tail cover that prohibits EMI from radiating when HDR signals are being transferred.

I-PEX HDR connectors provide internal Faraday caged wire termination area.

The coaxial wires are attached to the cable side connector plug housings.

The housings and wires are then covered by a metal shell?

The shell is soldered to a grounding bar that is part of the wire preparation assembly. During the wire preparation, the shield braids of the coaxial wires are soldered to the grounding bars which are applied to the top and bottom of each coaxial wire.

The void between the wires is filled with solder until a sold grounding bar is formed along the span of the coaxial wires.

The performance of micro-coaxial assemblies is enhanced by direct-to-contact termination. This eliminates the introduction of PCB losses as well as the additional terminations associated with PCBs. These extra sources of discontinuities and reflections can degrade signal integrity.

Cables can be constructed with the wires held in flat configurations, bundled configurations or mixed.  Solution provide extremely low profile terminations, allowing for fully-shielded right angle launches below 1.1mm height.

This CABLINE-CA II connector is designed with 0.4mm pitch, horizontal mating, 1.1mm mating height maximum, reliable W-Point contact (2 contact points), anti-reverse mating design, physical locking cover stops back-out/un-mating & capable of carrying 20Gbps data rate. It’s already available in 20, 30, 40 and 50 contacts.