Compact version of cryogenic valve for marine

Paul Boughton

Parker Bestobell Marine, a supplier of cryogenic valves for ships, has launched a new compact version of its Float Isolation Valve (FLIV).

The compact FLIV, which is 150mm in diameter and just 600mm high, was developed to cater for the use of smaller diameter floats that are now being specified by shipyards for secondary level monitoring systems on LNG carriers.

The Parker Bestobell Marine FLIV is installed on top of the cargo tanks of LNG carriers and isolates the gauge and float from the cargo tank. These essential valves prevent boil-off gas from the cargo tanks, which could potentially be extremely dangerous.

Parker Bestobell Marine’s original FLIV valve is available in 300mm and 200mm diameters.  The first FLIV was supplied to an LNG carrier in 2007 and since then has been fitted to over 120 LNG carriers, making it the preferred choice for the majority of ships built since then.

FLIV was originally designed to work in conjunction with the secondary float system supplied by Whessoe (now Wartsila Tank Systems) and has now been adapted to work with a similar system manufactured by Henri Systems.

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