Compact compressor offers quiet, oil-free efficiency

Jon Lawson

BOGE Compressors, a supplier of industrial compressed air systems, has unveiled its latest super-silenced scroll compressor – the EO 6 – which offers exceptional flexibility and outstanding efficiency, and has remarkably few maintenance requirements.

With sound pressure levels between 59 and 62 dB(A), the EO 6 range is completely oil-free, making it perfect for sensitive applications that depend on clean compressed air, at low free air delivery requirements.

The EO 6 single unit is an extremely versatile, low vibration unit available in several variants. These include a model equipped with an integrated refrigerant dryer (EO 6 D), on a receiver (EO 6 R), as compressed air centre (EO 6 DR), or duplex unit on a receiver (EO 6 TR). The single unit is available in 5.5kW, with the duplex unit being 11kW.

The addition of the EO 6 series completes the BOGE scroll compressor range up to 22kW. All BOGE scroll compressor models are available in either 8 or 10 bar pressure options.

The BOGE EO (Eccentric, Oil-free) series is the company’s most compact compressor yet – its extra small footprint making it ideal for installation in tight spaces or constricted plant rooms.

At the heart of the BOGE EO unit is the scroll element, of which there are one or two depending on the model. Each scroll element has two spirals; one is stationary, while the other orbits eccentrically rather than rotating. Although the two spirals intermesh, they do not touch each other, so no lubrication is required.

The scroll element works by drawing atmospheric air into the outer edges of the spirals. The air then moves into the centre of the spirals and is compressed as it’s forced into an increasingly confined space. This produces pulsation-free compressed air that is totally free of oil. Heat generated in the compression process is removed by a two-stage aftercooler system. The result makes the BOGE scroll compressor one of the most efficient oil-free compressors in its size available today.

BOGE’s Focus 2.0 control, included as standard, regulates up to four scroll elements within a single compressor housing. Monitored by a multi-colour LCD display, Focus 2.0 can control up to four compressor units providing optimised efficient air as required.

Characterised by particularly long maintenance intervals (around 10,000 operating hours), all BOGE scroll compressors also benefit in terms of service life from simple spiral lubrication at four central points. Easily accessible grease nipples and the fact that no additional lubrication or other major servicing is required make maintenance especially fast, easy and low cost.

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