Cleaners and solvents for electronics manufacturing

Louise Smyth

Techsil has launched a new range of cleaners and solvents for sensitive electronics components, which helps deliver better performance in applications from flux removal and lubrication to priming and preparation for use with adhesives.

Thanks to its agreement with specialist provider MG Chemicals, Techsil is offering a newly enhanced range now including:

* Electrosolve Contact Cleaner, a plastic-safe, fast dry, zero residue, food safe contact cleaner (aerosol)

* Conformal Coating Stripper, removes acrylic, epoxy, urethane and silicone conformal coatings (liquid)

* Super HFE Electronics Cleaner designed to remove flux, greases, oils, oxides, silicones, carbon and other common contaminants wherever a non-flammable, non-conductive solvent is required (aerosol).

Like other products in the MG Chemicals range, all the new additions have been market tested and proven in the most demanding of conditions in both Canada and the USA.

The benefits of using appropriate, technically advanced cleaners and solvents in the Electronics sector are well documented, particularly where the use of adhesives for potting, encapsulation, sealing and bonding are part of the process.

Proper and thorough preparation is an essential part of manufacturing and assembly processes where it is necessary to guarantee a rapid initial bond and predictable timeframes to achieve maximum strength. Inline, automated processes where routine maintenance and machine downtime must be minimised benefit from the additional reliability assured by the correct application of cleaners.