Centralised motion control

Louise Smyth

Siemens has added PROFINET connection to its popular SINAMICS V90 servo drive system, allowing for centralised motion control when paired with S7-1500 or S7-1200 based PLC system.

The addition of a PROFINET connection further enhances the functionality and flexibility of this successful drive system, enabling a wide range of motion control tasks to be implemented cost-effectively and conveniently. Other integration options include PTI, USS and Modbus RTU.

The SINAMICS V90 system comprises of the SINAMICS V90 servo converter and SIMOTICS S-1FL6 servomotor. The system features eight converter frame sizes and seven motor shaft heights to cover a performance range from 0.05 kW to 7.0 kW for operation in single-phase and three-phase networks.

The SINAMICS V90 PROFINET version is equipped with an integrated PROFINET interface for linking the drive to an automation system via PROFIdrive profile. With integrated real-time auto tuning and automatic suppression of machine resonances, the system automatically optimises itself to achieve high dynamic performance and smooth operation.

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