Cables extend protection against fire

Paul Boughton

Eland Cables has extended its portfolio of products with a new range of Firetec products suitable for fire-critical applications.

The Firetec range is fully compliant with BS 7846 and 7629-1 and also approved to BASEC and LPCB standards. Additionally, many of the cables have been certified by Transport for London as LUL 1-085 compliant for sub-surface use.

Designed to withstand heat and flames for up to 120 minutes, this range of fire performance cables helps to protect equipment, property and even lives, supporting critical safety circuits.

Kevin Chapman, Commercial Director at Eland Cables, explains: “Fire performance cables fall into three categories depending upon the objective. For preservation of life and safe evacuation, category 1 cables guarantee 30 minutes of defence against flames, making them ideal for emergency lighting. Category 2 cables give 60 minutes of fire protection and are commonly used for alarm systems.

“For fire-fighting, additional time is required and category 3 cables are able to withstand up to 120 minutes of exposure to fire, providing enhanced emergency power to assist firefighters in extinguishing the blaze. Our technical experts undertake detailed audits in order to recommend the most suitable cable and category for each area and application, adding considerably to the performance of a building’s fire protection systems.”

The range of Firetec Standard, Enhanced, Power, Impact Power, Single Core and FRF2 cables, gives Eland’s customers access to a comprehensive selection of fire performance cables for a host of applications.