Buying high quality used process equipment

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Dylan Dyer outlines the benefits which can be gained from purchasing used equipment


The purchasing, selling and leasing of high quality used process equipment can range from individual items of equipment to complete process lines and plants. 3Di's focus is on the global process industry with regular involvement of the purchase and sale of equipment from the chemical, cosmetic, dairy, food and beverage, packaging, paints and coatings, pharmaceutical, plastics and rubber, power generation, wastewater and other related industries.


Clients purchase equipment from 3Di either from their storage facility in an 'as is' condition or alternatively in a reconditioned state.

The company also supplies equipment straight from facilities they are dismantling or alternatively they are sent into the workshop to be remanufactured for the client's requirements. It also arranges dismantling, packing and shipping of equipment throughout the world.

Process equipment can be supplied to small start-up companies as well as large corporations. The benefits of purchasing used equipment from 3Di include:

- Money: Purchasing used process equipment and plants can save a great deal in comparison to buying new equipment which means companies can free up capital for other projects. 3Di has a reputation for supplying high quality process equipment at affordable prices.

- Time: As well as saving money purchasing used process equipment, companies find that time is also saved. A typical new item of equipment can take up to 12 weeks to be manufactured and shipped to a facility whereas an item of used equipment can be delivered in a matter of days. This time frame is very important when companies have breakdowns of machines. If a major item of equipment goes down and they have an order to meet, then purchasing a used machine can reduce the effect s of a shutdown.

- Expertise: As well as selling equipment and plants 3Di also offers expertise and advice to clients. 3Di regularly advises start up companies as well as large blue chip corporations upon their process equipment requirements. Clients find this service very valuable in terms of saving time and money.

- Environment: Another advantage of purchasing used process equipment and plants is the environmental impact.By purchasing used process equipment customers are effectively recycling surplus equipment. Buy used, recycle.

As well as operating as a dealership for used process equipment, 3Di also disposes of assets on behalf of major blue chip manufacturers. In recent years companies have closed manufacturing facilities in favour of outsourcing. This has meant that a number of facilities with highly specified and exclusive equipment have become available to the market place.

A recent project 3Di is currently involved with is that of AstraZeneca in Macclesfield. Following the announcement in 2009 by AstraZeneca PLC of the closure of its Bulk Drug Facility at Macclesfield, 3Di was appointed as exclusive sales agents to dispose of the surplus assets. The plants were mainly used in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Following an initial inspection it was clear that a number of the assets could be sold in the used process equipment market place and were of high resale value. Production ended towards the end of 2009 and since that time 3Di Equipment has been marketing the assets globally. In total five production buildings are being decommissioned and the surplus assets removed for resale.

The assets include Hosokawa Milling plants, Hastelloy & Stainless Steel filter dryers, Vacuum Tray Dryers, Hastelloy reactors, De Dietrich & Pfaudler Glass Lined Reactors, Matcon Discharge Systems, Hastelloy Containment Booths, Vacuum pumps, Tantalum & Hastelloy Heat Exchangers and much more.

The vast majority of the equipment is relatively new and requires no refurbishment prior to sale. All of the equipment has been maintained to an excellent standard and regularly inspected. All the documentation such as pressure testing, inspection reports and maintenance history are available with each item of equipment for sale. 3Di has also carried out pressure tests and glass inspections on all of the glass equipment for sale.

The sale has attracted a great deal of interest due to the high quality of the equipment at affordable prices in comparison with the cost of buying this type of equipment from new. The other advantage is that buying directly from site reduces significantly the timescale the client would normally have to wait for this type of new equipment to be manufactured.

Presently the sales of the equipment have been to large chemical and pharmaceutical companies in Europe and the Middle East. 3Di is hoping to conclude the sale in 2011.

Projects like this have enabled 3Di to supply its clients with high quality used equipment as well as the benefits gained from purchasing used equipment

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Dylan Dyer is with 3Di Equipment Ltd, Sproston, Crewe, Cheshire, UK.

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