Breaking the mould of industry events

Louise Smyth

Euromold, the world fair for mould and pattern making, tooling, design, additive manufacturing and product development, takes place October 25-27 in Munich, Germany.

For more than 20 years, Euromold has been a leading trade fair in product development. Product managers, developers, executives and anybody seeking to launch new products or innovative solutions within the broad range “from idea to series production” will find an ideal space for the direct exchange with experts and professionals from around the globe.

One of the event’s remarkable characteristics is the diverse exhibition area that offers solutions for a variety of branches. The focus is kept on holistic thinking with exhibitors that demonstrate how products from different departments perfectly fit together to create innovative opportunities and perspectives. Consequently, enterprises from totally different industries are lined up at Euromold and exhibit their ideas in combination.

Along the whole process chain of product development, exhibitors present new trends in design, engineering, moulding and toolmaking, as well as in additive manufacturing/3D printing. An exceptional position is awarded to the sector of additive manufacturing/3D printing, as it can be implemented in developing models and prototypes as well as in manufacturing processes for make-to-order and series production. Furthermore it’s becoming a substantial part in classic moldmaking and tooling.

Euromold 2015 exceeded all expectations by far and the 2016 event is set to do the same. The primary change is to focus on two main segments: Euromold Mold+Tool and Euromold Advanced Manufacturing. Furthermore, it will be staged in Munich, parallel to Airtech 2016, bringing together two future-oriented high tech trade fairs for mutually added values.

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