Boiler now equipped with management system

Paul Boughton

Every Loos shell boiler is now equipped with new and innovative boiler managment systems. Based on programmed logic controllers combined with graphic TFT displays used as touchsensitive interfaces, Loos boiler systems become even more interoperable and easy-to-use. The devices take over all the control and regulating functions of the boiler or boiler system and can communicate via bus systems or networks with other controls (eg, burner management systems, separate controls for boiler house modules, higher-level control systems).
Depending on requirements, optional devices such as additional inputs and outputs or a Profibus DP communication processor for connection to the central management system can be added. An industrial Ethernet network for connecting several Loos control modules or as preparation for the Loos Teleservice system are further options.
The Loos Teleservice operator can - through remote access - mirror the boiler system's complete operating interface. Every operating step taken locally by the operator can be followed exactly, or the system can be remote-controlled by the service operator under the supervision of the user. This means that first-class support services or training measures are possible.
Control of multi-boiler systems or changing certain regulating parameters - boiler operation has never been simpler.
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