Bluetooth radar level sensor for the water sector

Louise Smyth

The  new VEGAPULS WL S 61 contactless radar sensor is a solution for applications in the water and sewage sectors.

Radar technology offers numerous advantages when compared with ultrasonic level sensors; radar is independent of weather influence: strong sun, wind, surface turbulence, condensation, fog or rain. In addition, no compensation is needed for signal transmission time due to air temperature fluctuations.

Water radar sensors are suitable for level control and flow measurement in water treatment plants.

The excellent focusing enables their use in sewage pumping stations, rainwater overflow basins, digesters, sludge tanks, open channel flow measurement and for open water level gauging too.

As a compact, loop powered sensor with an accuracy of ±5mm and range up to 8m along with its flexible mounting options, this means it can easily be installed into new or existing applications and connection to level controllers, telemetry or SCADA systems is straightforward too.

The VEGAPULS WL S 61 housings are a robust IP 68 (2 bar), this high degree of protection also makes it suitable for applications where the sensor may be temporarily submerged, the technology is wear and maintenance-free. It complies with the latest Level Probing Radar standard (LPR): approved for open-air use without restrictions or special attachments.

Another entirely new feature is Bluetooth wireless operation from a free App via IOS or Android smartphone or tablet and/or PC with free to download PACTware when combined with a VEGA Bluetooth USB adapter; this option makes commissioning and diagnosis even simpler.

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