Biological treatment

Paul Boughton

The Biomedia System from SPX Cooling Technology’s Marley brand uses SPX’s extensive experience in manufacturing cooling tower PVC film fill to produce PVC media for fixed film trickling filters.

The Marley Biomedia System uses modular, PVC corrugated MARPAK media that is specifically designed for biological treatment applications. This media offers resistance to rot, fungi, bacteria, acids and alkalies and is installed using the specialised MARPIER support system which can be adjusted to accommodate different floor slopes.

Marley Biomedia systems can also be fitted with custom grating and deck solutions that offer long life, easy maintenance, and safe operating in harsh environments through their strength, rigidity, corrosion resistance and lightweight structure. The MARDEK and MARGRID composite fibreglass grating products can be utilised for media support, and for top protection and walking surface.  MARDEK pultruded grating is used where support spans require a high-strength solution.

MARGRID is a fully customisable product with options available to meet specific site requirements including non-slip grit, and choices for open percentage, height, resin type and colour.

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