Bespoke cable assembly solutions

Louise Smyth

Roxburgh EMC and its sister company, CCS Electronics, can offer EMC and bespoke cable assembly solutions to meet the high standards required in machinery manufacture.

Component design is crucial as it will influence the performance and reliability of the machinery once installed and these are essential factors for automated production.

Packaging machinery, machine tools and lathes, robotics or printing presses all require consideration of electromagnetic compatibility.

These applications are capable of emitting radio frequency interference (RFI) as well as being susceptible to performance issues caused by incoming RFI. The new European Directive (2014/30/EU) has the primary requirement of protecting the electromagnetic spectrum, but also requires that devices be immune to a normal level of interference. In the UK, penalties for non-compliance with 2014/30/EU can include three months imprisonment and a £5000 fine but usually involves a product recall and replacement.

Roxburgh’s EMC/EMI filters are suitable for such applications to allow systems to perform reliably and comply with 2014/30/EU. Our industrial filter ranges are available in single phase, 3 phase and 3 phase and neutral types, with current ratings up to 820A and voltage ratings up to 690V. We also have a series of small chassis filters that have low to high performance options with a choice of current ratings from 1A to 60A. Even in particularly noisy environments, our high performance filters will ensure compliance with 2014/30/EU and reduce the likelihood of system errors caused by RFI.

Roxburgh EMC can support OEM’s with technical advice on our off-the shelf products, by offering custom solutions, or with our pre-compliance EMC testing facilities. This can result in cost savings and reliable processes if undertaken during the early stages of a project, rather than as an afterthought when it becomes more expensive and difficult to fix.

EMC Filter Ranges

* For Machine Tools, Generators, Compressors, Industrial and Process Controls – KMF (Three Phase General Purpose Filter).

* For Motor Drives – KMFA, MIF3 (Three Phase High Performance Filters).

* For Inverters and Servos – KMFA, MDF, MDF3, MIF, MIF3 (Three Phase, High Performance and Multi-Stage Filters).

* Small EMC Chassis Filters

* Bespoke cable assemblies built to your specification, quality requirements and timescales.

“Process Control Equipment within a fast moving production cycle demands reliability, accuracy and maintainability”, explains Steve Clarke, Product Manager at CCS Electronics.  Automated production lines need to run 24 hours a day and packaging is a major factor for consumer choice, so from goods in to goods out we are dependent on the machinery installed to be the most reliable.

Such dependency rests on the capability and quality of internal cable assemblies and wiring for any automated device. Having supplied cable assemblies into the Processing and Packaging industry for over 30 years, CCS Electronics have tried and tested cable solutions to get the best results for clients every time, helping them lead the market in their industry.”

Products range from cable assemblies to control panel assembly and test. Full product traceability is obtained using CCS Electronics’ UL accreditation for cable harness production.

A 100% inspection policy is on all finished assemblies regardless of complexity, ensuring reliability when customers take receipt.