Automotive connector

Paul Boughton

Yamaichi ElectronicsHF109P is a standard HSD connector for the automobile industry.

The HF109P is a new member of the HSD family, joining the HF107P, an HSD with a ring shield, and the HF108P, an HSD with two additional power contacts.

The HF109P series is a standard HSD without a ring shield, initially available in B, E, and F coded versions. Additional versions are currently in progress.

This product also meets the requirements for HSD interfaces (High Speed Data). This connector system is used for signals like USB or IEEE1394, for example. For the HSD interface, signals are transmitted using LVDS (Low-Voltage Differential Signalling). This prevents crosstalk between signals and interference from external influences as well as possible. The system is 100 ohm impedance controlled, so it brings top quality to signal transmission.

The HF109P also has mechanical features including two locking stages for particularly secure interlocking, and contact protection on the contacts. Of course, their design takes the special requirements of the automotive industry into consideration, so the system is specially developed and tested for environmental influences, vibrations, shock and long service life.

The metal housing is die-cast zinc, with gold-plated centre contacts with tinned through-hole solder contacts. All products are available in Tape&Reel packaging. They are fabricated at a TS16949 certified facility.