Automated plasma surface treatment

Louise Smyth

The Relyon PB3 plasma treatment system - from Intertronics - improves adhesion and wetting of surfaces which are otherwise difficult to bond, print on, coat or laminate.

Atmospheric plasma surface treatment is both highly efficient and environmentally friendly, and the bulk properties of the treated part are not altered. The surface does not suffer marks or discolouration.

The Intertronics workstation matches a Relyon PB3 Plasmabrush with a Fisnar F7400N cartesian benchtop robot. This is the largest in the F7000N series and offers a 400 x 400mm working area.

The F7000N has 3-axis configuration in standard form, while it is also available in a 4-axis variant for more complex applications.

The whole package is mounted in a robust framework which provides the access required for production with controls and interface conveniently located, and full systems for operator safety.

This set-up offers repeatable precision for fine detail areas over complex 3D shapes, and control to make it gentle enough to treat thin textiles or delicate materials, including porous substrates and foams.

The Relyon PB3 Plasmabrush can also be integrated into continuous production processes thanks to its compact, lightweight, modular design and adaption of the PS2000 high voltage power supply to the CANopen industrial standard communication protocol.

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