Analytical hire panel service

Paul Boughton

ABB’s Measurement and Analytics Service business has introduced a new analytical panel hire service.

The hire panels provide a solution for the measurement of selected key parameters in potable water treatment and power generation applications, with unlimited lending periods and full technical support.

There are currently three options each for use in power and water industry applications.

For power, the panels can be used for cation conductivity measurement, silica measurement and sodium measurement. For water, there is the option of panels for measurement of aluminium, turbidity or ammonia.

All of the panels are supplied with a comprehensive array of equipment providing accurate and reliable measurement. Each one also includes data loggers to record and store measurement data which can be relayed to control systems via Ethernet and Modbus.

The analytical hire panels are suitable for situations where it may be either impractical or not worthwhile to purchase a permanent system.

Typical situations where a hire panel might be used include replacing faulty analysers out for repair, validating the accuracy of a currently installed system, or as an additional measurement when evaluating the efficiency of a treatment process. They can also be useful where companies may want to assign expenditure to operational costs where a capital budget may not be immediately available.

“Every day, companies hire equipment to carry out their business, such as cars, PCs, laptops and even their premises,” says Mark Niblett, Service Centre Manager, ABB Measurement and Analytics. “We saw no reason why this same approach couldn’t be applied to analytical panel hire, where companies often need the flexibility provided by a temporary solution with the same level of functionality that would normally be associated with a purchased system.”

Hiring also provides the added security of having someone else to manage the equipment. The express hire service comes with full technical support, including everything needed to install and commission the panels. To help ensure trouble-free operation, the hire agreement also covers consumables and the supply of original equipment with manufacturer approved parts.

“There are many reasons why a power or water company may wish to use the ABB express hire service,” says Niblett. “With ABB, plants can expect next day delivery, plug-and-play set-up and an expert service engineer to help set the panel up and get it running quickly. There’s also the reassurance of having telephone support during office hours, so in the unlikely event of any problems with the panel there will be help available.”

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