AM simulation-driven process software update

Louise Smyth

Additive Works is updating its Amphyon simulation-driven process software for powder bed-based, laser beam melting additive manufacturing processes. The new release comes with a new support module ensuring the automatic generation of optimised support structures. Additional enhancements of Amphyon include adaptive meshing allowing for the calculation of larger and more complex components and the possibility to export layer data. 

The software helps engineers to generate support structures which are essential for a high-quality print in additive manufacturing. It makes sure that critical values are not exceeded and the desired shape of the part will be achieved. Amphyon’s new support module now also automatically creates the support geometry, ensuring a stable process and a minimised post-processing effort. This way the new version is paving the way for a simulation driven workflow that will not only save material but also reduce the required calculation time and development costs. 

In addition to the new support module, the release allows for adaptive meshing that enables the user of the software to perform calculations of larger and more complex components. This will lead to time savings when developing models for laser beam melting AM. Furthermore, users of the 2018 version will now be able to export layers and thus benefit from an improved workflow integrating the support module and an improved connectivity to machines.




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