Advances in filtration systems

Paul Boughton

Manufacturers dealing with hazardous substances require high quality equipment to produce their goods in a secure and efficient way. Within the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, manufacturers across the globe make use of the advanced Chemap-Filter system from Infolabel.

The system is an ideal solution for numerous applications, facilitating the separation of solid particles from a liquid through the use of porous layers. Because the filtration process takes place in completely enclosed vessels, the Chemap-Filter system can be used without any risks to people and the environment.

The filter is a process filtration system suitable for both batch and continued processes. Sophisticated design features make it an enclosed, self-cleaning system. Currently, more than 6,000 filters are used in numerous appliances worldwide. Providing systems for filtration surfaces varying between 1mto 80m2, Infolabel’s strengths lie in its customer-oriented performance. Proving its effectiveness in solid-liquid extraction, washing, product recovery and drying, the design has been modified over the years to meet the demands of all the company's customers. Furthermore, the system is designed to work at differing pressures and at temperatures up to 250°C, with the filtration running at a constantly high level.

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