Advances in condensate recovery technology

Paul Boughton

Amarinth, a leading company in the design, application and manufacture of centrifugal pumps and associated equipment to the Oil & Gas, petrochemical, chemical and industrial markets, has launched an innovative range of smaller, lighter, more efficient condensate recovery units optimised for light industrial use to complement its existing range of heavy duty intelligent condensate recovery units.

An effective condensate recovery unit (CRU) is a proven way to reduce energy costs as it collects hot condensate from the steam system and returns it back to the boiler plant to be used as boiler feed. Amarinth has long been at the forefront of designing efficient condensate recovery units (CRUs) for process plants and building services and has designed this new range of CRUs primarily for light industrial use such as in hospitals, schools, hotels and offices buildings.

The new CRUs are manufactured from stainless steel instead of the more traditional galvanised steel but cost the same as the existing products. Drawing on its application experience, Amarinth has developed this substantially smaller, lighter range using innovative technology that returns condensate back to the system more frequently.

High-efficiency, multi-stage motors along with improvements in the motor design and control systems allow the CRUs to cycle on/off by an increased factor of four over traditional designs. The new motors and control systems have also enabled Amarinth to rationalise the range to just three units, making selection of the optimum CRU for the job much easier. The units are available immediately in simplex or duplex stainless steel to suit the application and sit alongside Amarinth’s established CRU range.

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